Manufactures exceptionally crafted fitness equipment. ZOXFIT Know More Manufactures exceptionally crafted fitness equipment. ZOXFIT Know More

Fitness equipment is our speciality, from treadmills to cycle bikes to dumbbells, and everything in between, Zoxfit has a wide array of products for both beginners and professional athletes for weight loss, strength training, or stretching exercises for the back.
Zoxfit has revolutionized the industry of fitness equipment ever since it has entered the market. With our quality, ease to use and safety measures, we provide a top quality fitness experience
For more targeted purchases Zoxfit also shops and discovers the equipment that is the most suitable to your type of training – helping you achieve peak fitness whether for personal use or trainers.
More than expertly-crafted equipment to make sure we cater to everyone’s workout needs. Further, both operators and private individuals can enjoy access to complete range of fitness equipment, for cardio training, strength training, functional training and group activities.

High Quality Products

With our astounding craftsmanship and industry leading ideas of fitness products we set new standards for our competitors every day.

Utmost Customer Satisfaction

We provide wide variety of fitness equipment that are produced for all types of fitness enthusiasts.

Competitive Prices

Our products are not only competitive in quality but also prices.


To produce premium functional fitness products that provides solutions to home user consumers, fitness elite pros and commercial users.


To pioneer a change in the fitness culture by ensuring that we serve as the first port of call for all fitness aficionados needs worldwide

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